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Brought my child many times and paid for lessons, but realize that my child is receiving lessons from other skaters, NOT instructor. Hire more instructors, limit skaters or don't charge for 'lessons'.

Good Times Magazine responded on 03/11/2012

First, it would be IMPOSSIBLE for your child to receive "lessons" from other skaters not the instructor because the only skaters allowed in the 9:30-11am session are those taking lessons.
2nd, we try to have enough instructors available to cover lessons but if like yesterday, someone shows up with 3 skaters and hasn't called in the day before, we have no way of covering this. That is why we offer packages that are much cheaper, we know how many students will be there and can arrange additional staff. Except for yesterday, when a total of 5 people showed up without advance reservations, the total student count has been 5, 3, 3, 0, 2 and 3 today. The only way we can have additional instructors is to know how many are coming, the same way you would if you took drum or guitar lessons.
Again, except for yesterday, if your child has been there MANY times, you would have encountered the numbers above
I suggest a 6 pack pass which is only $145 for 6 lessons that can be used over 8 weeks.

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